A story-driven multiplayer VR game set in a haunted manor! 👻

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About Mirewood Manor
Mirewood Manor is a story-driven haunted-house type experience which can be enjoyed solo or with up to three other friends. In this deep narrative, explore the large estate of the Mirewood Manor, where an unfortunate incident has brought you, our protagonist, into the scene to investigate. Solve the mystery of Mirewood; learn why and how ghostly figures now haunt not only the manor, but the entire world!
* All modes are 1-4 players
* A unique and compelling story that clocks in at over 10 hours
* Extra modes include Survival Mode and Tour Mode
* Mirewood Games, a party mode with a host of fun mini-games
* Deep rewards and achievement system
* RPG-like elements such as Player Levels and Exploration XP
* Plus much more!